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Say What Now?

Here's the deal.

Everyone wants a sheep! Who couldn't use a pick me up on an otherwise mundane day?

But caring for a live sheep can be challenging, difficult, and time consuming. And let's not forget that security deposit. 


Here's where we come in! 

Now ewe can send a soft and fuzzy miniature plush sheep to a friend, family member, co-worker, boss, enemy, or even yourself! The receiver of this way cool sheep will then have a pal for life, to brighten their day, and best part -  a customized message of your choosing!


How It Works:

Pick a EWE saying.  Use one of ours, or craft your own.  Check out our examples here - 

Add a hand-written note

Let us know who will be receiving the sheep

We ship the sheep to the shipping address provided. 

It's that easy! 


What You Get:

1 adorable Plush sheep

Memories to last a lifetime

Hand Written Note

Gift recipient is automatically a part of our exclusive Sheep Flock!

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