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We ship anonymous plush sheep, with custom sayings for ewe!


How it works

I blank EWE will send anyone an anonymous plush sheep with a hand-written note inside! An adorable sheep is the perfect surprise for just about anyone! From friends and

co-workers, to loved ones, spouses, recent grads, moms & dads, kids, or just about anyone EWE think needs a sheep! ( And let's face it, everyone NEEDS a sheep!) 

But Why?

We prefer, but why not??!! Everyone knows someone that needs an adorable sheep to arrive anonymously on their doorstep. This little sheep will bring a smile to anyone's face, and will become a treasured pal. And let's face it, caring for a live sheep in an apartment building can really reek havoc on the security deposit. That's where we come in!

Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any occasion! 
Great for Grads! 
Pick your school colors! 

I'm In! How?

Sending a sheep is as easy as 1,2,oh, ewe know! Just pick the saying of your choice, and provide the shipping address for the person receiving the sheep and what EWE would like the note to say. We do the rest!

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